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General medicine and metabolic control, license reports, death certificates. Referral to specialist doctors

Transportation for people with reduced mobility, emergencies and ambulances, X-rays and Medical Equipment.

Application of medications, taking of routes, foley and nasogastric tubes, removal of threads, cures, VAC therapies, bed baths, treatment and healing of dermal ulcers.

Relaxing, therapeutic, reductive, cold bandages, sports, lymphatic drainage, focused, prenatal.

General medicine and metabolic control, home visit, evaluations, transfers, specialties, license reports, death certificates, diagnosis and treatment of skin ulcers.

Nutrition in the elderly, adults and children. Programs designed according to each disease and patient. Management of eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, overweight)
Programs designed according to each disease and patient.
Management of eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, overweight).

Diagnosis and treatment plan, study models, radiological interpretation, temporary restorations, bases for final restorations, amalgams (black shoes), resins (white shoes), sealants, children’s shoes, prophylaxis (cleaning), scraping, laser teeth whitening, Tooth whitening of casings, simple extraction, surgical extraction, cleaning combo, polishing and fluorine, removable upper or lower partial denture, upper or lower total denture, bite planes, anatomical recontouring of a malformed tooth, fractured tooth reconstruction, immediate relining , mediated overflows with laboratory, oral mucosal wound suture, closure of diastema.

Psychotherapeutic care for adults and older adults at the level of individual, family and couple therapy, addressing conflicts typical of adulthood (depression, anxiety, both physical and emotional grief), communication problems, marital or family conflicts, eating disorders, chronic diseases , dementias in the elderly, among other topics.

Joint disorders (tota-tola / coca cola).
Language level disorders (they don’t know what a comb is for).

Treatment of muscular, sports injuries, chronic, degenerative diseases, sciatic nerve, contractures, back pain. Post-operative rehabilitation, cardiac, pain management.
We have Therapies based on:


Training in activities of daily living, early and sensory stimulation, functional and occupational adaptation and readaptation.

Emergencies, aspirations, nebulisations, chest physiotherapy, pulmonary rehabilitation, asthma patient control program, smoking cessation therapies and rehabilitation therapies for ex-smokers.

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