Corporate Services

Business psycho-consulting

Business psycho-consultancies, to improve employee compatibility, seeking a bio-psycho-social and spiritual balance between internal clients to improve projection with external clients. These consultancies can be developed before an analysis of the problems of the entity as well as from the proposals that we already handle, among which we have: Staff motivation, assertive communication, relaxation as a tool of job functionality, among others.

Training workshops

Training workshops and informative talks to company collaborators on topics such as: First Aid, Occupational Health, How to avoid work accidents, Well-being and Health, Dental Health, Evacuation in Natural Disasters and anti-stress workshops for companies.


Financing through solidarity associations in dental services and assistance in the homes of employees who have patients with any need.

Health Fairs
Integral therapy to lose weight
Physiotherapy and massages
Company Doctors
Ambulances and emergencies